Roadworthy Fitouts: Creating Mobile Wardrobes for Thread Together

Storepro have been continually inspired by the work that Thread Together offers their community, and are proud to be able to partner with them again by supporting the creation of their mobile wardrobe services.

Thread Together makes brand new clothing available to thousands of vulnerable people in our communities around the country. Providing choice is at the heart of their mission, with their motivation being the belief that to have choice is to have dignity. Storepro has helped to make this possible by helping to create their Community Fashion Hubs and pop-up Mobile Wardrobes.

“Storepro have previously helped Thread Together provide an authentic retail ‘shopping’ experience to vulnerable people.  Individuals and families are invited into our Community Fashion Hubs around the country, stocked with brand new clothing and designed to help people in need to build trust and rapport within a dignified, safe and positive environment.  Working with volunteer stylists, individuals and families can browse, try-on and select the clothing that they would like – just as you would expect in any retail experience”.

“As an Australian first, made possible by Storepro, our fleet of vehicles have been transformed into custom-fitted wardrobes. The vehicles are Mobile Wardrobes or pop-up wardrobes on wheels that take the clothes to the people in need. Our fleet clothes communities all year round and are used extensively during disaster recovery and relief efforts. Individuals are invited into the wardrobes to choose the clothing that aligns to their sense of style.”

“We have been exceptionally grateful to receive such high quality services from Storepro.”

Storepro are happy to be able to support community initiatives such as Thread Together! By offering our fit out services and moving past the typical boundaries of bricks and mortar stores we have been able to work together to create a high quality, roadworthy space that will serve the community for years to come.

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