The impact of Instagrammable food culture on hospitality fit-outs

In sharing culture, where nothing is left unseen, social media is the driver of business for venues. Business owners are continually encouraging visitors to create and share content when visiting their locale, utilising user-generated content through images of food, beverages and the venue to spread awareness and attract more patrons. The rise of instagrammable food culture, supported by the millions of foodie accounts and restaurants creating food so beautiful you don’t want to eat it, has completely changed the way we dine out. When everyone is fighting to be known for the next viral food we need to start looking into its impact on hospitality fit-outs and design.

Higher Ground | Jenna Fahey-White

Before venues can even serve food and beverages they must first persuade potential diners to enter. Dining experiences are not just about taste and smell. All of our senses play a part in contributing to the satisfaction we feel when visiting a restaurant, this means dine out occasions fueled by good food are no longer enough to keep people coming back. Restaurant design psychology caters to the 5 senses of patrons to provide an exciting and memorable dining experience that is being adopted by hospitality venues all over Melbourne to make their fit-outs stand out amongst everything the city has to offer.

Melbourne oozes cafe culture, and proudly wears the crown for coffee capital. In the foodie’s haven brunch isn’t a treat, it’s a lifestyle and the hospitality industry is realising the benefit of exciting fit-outs that flood the senses. From sipping your cold brew on coffee crates to deconstructed lattes in beakers and test tubes, every aspect of Melbourne hospitality fit-outs down to the cutlery reflects the cafe culture and what it has to offer. If you’ve already got great food, but not the foot traffic you hoped for it might be time to look into a fit-out that enhances your space to create a whole new experience during mealtimes.

Middletown | Griffin Simm

So what does this mean for fit-outs? During the creation process designers now have to keep in mind the choice of decor, theme, architecture and colours to make sure they are introducing shareable visual elements. The fit-out of a restaurant encapsulates the whole experience and depicts the flow of the space. Designing venues with the help of a professional can ensure that the layout, look and effectiveness of the area work together with current trends to make it worth visiting and posting about. Companies like Storepro can ensure the bones of your fit-out remain flexible to ensure the longevity of the look in the occurrence of changing trends.

Over the past 5 years, trends have shaped the industry and restaurant fit-outs into what they are today, attracting eyes from all over the world. Food art and interior design have also grown with social media. Below are some of the restaurant fit-out trends in Australia from the last 5 years, you’ll still see some of these today:

  • 2015: A focus on comfort, natural light, bold patterns and bright colours.
  • 2016: Exposed elements were introduced including; beams, ducts and wires. Resimercial furniture was used to introduce the feeling of home and a focus on comfort through soft furnishings. Distressed and upcycled/recycled furniture is introduced along with natural elements.
  • 2017: The exposed ceiling trend continues with the introduction of LED lighting. Communal areas are broken up using natural materials and decor.
  • 2018: The year for minimalism. Subtle wallpaper and a pop of colour was the top choice.
  • 2019: This year brought a greener outlook with a focus on bringing the outside in and connecting with the environment. Resimercial furniture made a comeback to instil a homelike and relaxing feel to venues.

Did you see the fit-out we worked on for Industry Beans? The Little Collins Street coffee house is like no other! Clean, fresh and modern yet inviting at the same time. This fit-out shows that Instagrammable environments don’t have to be over the top and off-brand. Having a professional on your side means you have access to industry know-how and techniques to set your space apart. Being Instagrammable doesn’t have to mean incorporating hidden doors or Millennial Pink, there is a whole range of options that can boost the atmosphere of any hospitality fit-out no matter the brief.

If you’d like some more information on how to make an impact with your environment get in contact with Storepro to discuss your hospitality fit out options.

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