Refresh your space without emptying your pockets

Updating your store doesn’t need to be the big expensive project you might think it is! There are cosmetic and functional changes you can make to easily transform your space, without emptying the bank. Refreshing your store and changing up your merchandising can attract customers and improve service to further engage visitors. These engaging and positive customer experiences can lead to a boost in foot traffic and sales while motivating customers for return.

To achieve our clients’ goals, Storepro offers minor works that provide maximum impact at a lower cost. The simplicity of minor works allows us to streamline the entire process, making it more cost-effective for you. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are a few changes we suggest implementing to make your store stand out, tailoring the whole process to your preferences!

Integrate your branding into the fit out
Retail brands have become more than simply product suppliers, consumers now look to form a relationship with the brands and seek out ones that share similar values to themselves. 64% of shoppers build their relationships with brands based on these shared values. With this in focus, retailers should differentiate themselves from their competitors in new ways aside from price. That’s where a brand integrated fit out comes in handy!

An effective and low-cost way of injecting your brands’ essence into your space is to have a painted feature wall or mural created. This turns your store into a piece of art and can increase public interest, even acting as a backdrop for visitors to take photos to share all over social media, building your brand awareness, it offers an all-round win that won’t break the bank.

Consumers don’t need to see your logo to think of you. Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%, so show yours off! Create a strong brand identity at the store entrance through the use of brand colours and exciting signage installations. This adds to the overall environment of the space, incorporating your brand elements without shoving them in your customers’ faces and can act as a call to action, urging them to enter.

Change up the floor plan
Given the current landscape of retail, as stores begin to re-open changes need to be made to accommodate for a new type of shopping. Customers will be keeping a distance and most likely avoiding cluttered stores that don’t offer much space to move. An easy and low-cost way to keep people visiting is to redesign your floor plan and displays.
This could be done by:

  • Relocating your POS area for minimal disruption to social distancing when checking out.
  • Rearranging or removing displays to create more open space.
  • Re-configuring your layout to compliment distanced shopping and preventing bottlenecks.

Add new fixtures/ fittings
It’s the little things that count! You don’t need to completely re-do a space to update it. It can be as easy as adding in new fixtures and fittings that enhance the design and functionality of your existing fit out. Storepro can work with you to assess which fittings are working for you and which ones could do with an update to optimise the space. If you’re looking for that wow factor that will impress, we can also build custom joinery, tailored to your needs and environment. Custom joinery is a practical way to utilise the space available without sacrificing design and adds a unique element that none of your competitors can compare to.

Storepro partners with all businesses on projects big and small! We have extensive experience giving stores the updates they need to remain successful. If you have a list of small changes you’d like to make in your space so it can function to its best ability, but can’t seem to find the time, get in contact with us! We guarantee high-quality execution that is built in line with your existing fit out and branding, we’re here to enhance your space and help you achieve your retail goals!

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