Stay & Explore: Pushing the Interior Design Boundaries in Jewellery Stores

Forget the traditional formal jewellery store and give customers a lux and immersive experience that has them returning again and again.

What are consumers looking for in a physical jewellery store?

Jewellery is a very personal and emotional-driven purchase, often made with the heart and not the mind. These days the average jewellery consumer is a woman looking to celebrate a personal milestone or reward themselves with a special piece. With emotion a huge factor in the customer journey, the physical environment needs to speak to this type of purchasing behaviour.

In 2021, a study found that the majority (63%) of purchasers prefer to purchase in-store rather than online. We’ve all seen the perfect hand models showing off beautiful rings on Instagram, but ultimately, customers want to see how a piece of jewellery would look if they were to wear it. They want to see the sparkles and unique facets in person and spend time making their decision. A further 69% of customers seek out the help of an in-store salesperson before making a jewellery purchase. From the displays and the seating to the staff and the packaging, jewellers need to create a space that encourages customers to explore and for them to stay awhile.

Creating a space that entices them to stay and explore

The key is to create a unique and informal space that will attract customers to come in and spend some time exploring. Lighter, brighter and more creative interiors with in-store technology are becoming the new norm.

The interior of Gavello’s store in the tropical paradise of Mykonos embodies a luxury 60’s swimming pool as an unorthodox way to present colourful jewellery designs. Customers are transported into what looks and feels like an indoor pool with sky blue tiles, beach balls and a pool ladder on the wall.

Saint of Athens Store Mykonos| Photography Gavriil Papadiotis

The Ríos Jewelry Store in Mexico uses a strong colour palette to reflect the elegance of the brand and create a tunnel of colours that draws people into the store. The triangular shelving and rounded mirrors and light fixtures give character and fluidity.

Ríos Store Mexico| Photography César Béjar

The u-shaped jewellery store is now a thing of the past! Consider a more free-flowing layout with distinct zones for different types of jewellery like a bridal area. Add some texture to the space with wall coverings.

This attic space in Moscow was transformed into an art gallery-style jewellery showroom by local jewellery brands Qari Qris and Moonswoon. The room is inspired by the monastery that can be seen from the window of the attic. With plenty of natural light, the space is designed to feel larger with bright white walls, ceilings and reception desk, offset against the coral-coloured furniture and a sage-green carpet. Jewellery is displayed on mirrored acrylic display plinths designed to blend into the space.

Qari Qris & Moonswoon Showroom Moscow| Photography Loskutov Mikhail

No one wants to be stooping over and straining their eyes to look at pieces through scratched glass – raise your displays to eye level and change the pieces inside them weekly. Direct quality lighting is also extremely important when showcasing your products.

Jewellery brands shouldn’t be relying on their pieces and pure product pitching alone to attract customers. With a rise in e-commerce jewellery brands and competition with large chain stores, it’s time for independent jewellers to go beyond product and connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level. It’s time to push their interior store design further than just a lounge area and refreshment station. It’s time to stimulate a connection to brand and the physical space and give customers more to explore.

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