Optimised offices: The future of workplaces

The functionality of a workplace must be flexible to adapt to those who are cautious about returning to work while remaining safe and healthy. Due to this, it has become inevitable that offices will change when workplaces re-open. They will no longer be the environment Australian employees are used to. Office designer Simon Pole has shared his predictions on what Australian corporates can expect when it’s time to make their way out of the house and back into the workspace.

Shared desks are no more

When businesses have multiple workers using a single workstation throughout different time periods this is known as “hot desking”. While shared desks had their time as a great resource in workplace flexibility, they may now be seen as just another surface for germs to gather. To prevent individuals sharing the same area companies may want to look into rearranging workstations to allow for every employee to have their own space, desk, seat and stationery that no one else touches when they’re working from the office.

Collaboration will be questioned

While many workplaces and projects thrive off teamwork and collaboration we should expect employees to be cautious in this environment. Due to this, collaboration areas and shared offices will need to change their layout and practises, otherwise they risk becoming obsolete. It may be worth turning these into separated spaces for those working at shared workstations.

Layouts will change long term

Companies will need to alter the office layout for the post-pandemic age. They shouldn’t expect their teams to go back to the way things were. New processes will need to be put into place for the long term benefit of employees and productivity of the business.

New uses for technology

Technological integration such as apps to book desks and meeting rooms may be on the rise. This will mean organisations can restructure their workforce depending on who needs to physically be there and allocate desks, meeting rooms and tables for bookings.

Hands-free & germ aware
Contactless will become the new norm whether it’s in relation to doors, bathrooms or kitchen areas. Pole also believes we can expect a rise in the use of the elbow handle as well as the integration of hygiene stations among the entrances, staircases and other common areas to fight the spread of germs.

It’s time to say goodbye to office life as we remember it and open our minds to the post-pandemic workplace. With these future workplace predictions comes the need for interior changes. Keep the office running effectively and your team safe by taking the right steps prior to re-opening the workplace, while everyone’s working from home. Talk to our experienced team at Storepro to determine how you can make small changes to your office fit out that makes a big impact on its functionality moving forward.

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