Office fit out elements that shouldn’t be overlooked during the planning process

Have you ever considered how your office fit-out may be impacting your employees? Not many businesses consider this deeply during the planning process, but there are a range of things to keep in mind when changing up your office in order to build an environment that fosters optimum productivity and keeps your team happy and healthy.

A poorly positioned desk that is too high or too low, accompanied by a low-quality office chair can result in an uncomfortable workstation. This means the body positioning of employees can lead to back or neck pain, inhibiting productivity.

Storepro sources top quality interior elements for all projects to ensure everything is up to our high-quality standards. We even offer joinery services and can custom make desks to suit your entire office space. Not only will you have peace of mind that your employees are working in comfort, but you’ll also have interior pieces that no one else has, unique to your space!


It’s great to have a beautiful looking office environment, but what’s even better is when the design is integrated with functionality! Desk placement, thoroughfares and congregating areas should all be discussed and planned in the early stages of development to create a floor plan that allows for flow and minimal interference to those working at their desks.

We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to make the most out of any space we work in, big or small, no matter the shape. We work with our clients to understand their vision and utilise the space provided to bring it to life.

Heating & Cooling
Have you ever been in an environment where the air conditioner or heater was blasting directly onto you? It results in an extremely uncomfortable situation, even more so in the workplace. Make sure desks are situated away from the direct blow of heaters and coolers so they don’t impact the interior atmosphere of your office.

The standard Australian commercial lease typically states that office temperatures must be between 20-26 Degrees Celsius. While this will work for some, those situated closer may remain uncomfortable. Storepro follows all industry guidelines to ensure the flow of a workplace is not impacted by the fit-out and is enhanced instead!

The placement of lighting shouldn’t be decided entirely on the way it looks but also the way it will impact employees. Working in an environment that is lit poorly can lead to eye strain, while an environment that is too bright can create glare and overstimulate the eyes. How can you find a happy medium? Only once the floorplan and furniture placement have been decided should you look into your lighting options. If there is no choice but to place a light right above a desk then consider the different types and luminosity of lighting on offer.

We’ll get down to the nitty-gritty details of your space to ensure the design complements functionality. We utilise our experience to predetermine the way your space will be used and provide you with the best lighting options available.

Here at Storepro, we discuss every tiny detail with you from the get-go. The planning process is thoroughly thought out so nothing important is missed, taking into account the space available, budget, resources and those using it post fit-out. Taking control of these elements ensures the space remains functional and well-oiled for years so come. If you’re thinking about updating your office space to enhance the atmosphere, productivity or inject some modern elements, get in contact with us for an obligation-free chat!

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