The impact of a store layout In Brand Sucess

Store layout plays a key role in a brands success and if implemented strategically can boost foot traffic and sales. By taking the time and effort to analyse the key features of their store design, retail brands can utilise their layout to predict and influence customer behaviour.

Store flow

The flow of a store’s layout determines how customers shop and the longer a customer spends in a store browsing products the more likely they are to buy. Tactics to keep customers in-store longer have been used by brands for decades. A common example of this is when the most popular necessities or wants are stocked at the back of a store, forcing visitors to walk past other items that might catch their eye on the way to what they really came in to purchase.

Store flow can also be impacted by layout. If customers are being directed into a bottleneck the store can feel cramped and uninviting, creating a negative atmosphere. The good thing the impact of layout on store flow is that it can be altered as needed. Rearranging your store depending on customer needs and behaviour can refresh your space and motivate customers to stay longer.

Merchandise placement

Merchandise placement is also determined by a store’s layout. Retail spaces are more likely to make money when they maximise their square footage and merchandise in a way that supports the flow of the store and customer behaviour.

Merchandising is also a great tool for getting customers into your space. If your store is designed with presentation in mind and merchandised in the right places at the right times of the year, you’re more likely to catch the attention of passers-by and boost foot traffic through the door. This is where having a store fit out with on-brand trestle tables, gondolas, stands and other fixtures is essential.

Positive experience

Store layout can influence the entire shopping experience, evoking specific feelings from customers during their time in the store. To build a positive relationship with their customers and foster brand loyalty, retailers should make them feel welcome and comfortable when shopping in their stores.

Factors such as merchandise arrangements, fixture colours and aisle space all affect whether a customer enjoys their time in the store and whether they will return. Customers will avoid stores that have stock piled to the ceiling or awkwardly merchandised products that look like they could topple over at any moment. A congested space with clothing racks or fixtures that are placed too close together can force visitors out of the store faster.

Thoughtful, open layouts that hero merchandising efforts can bring a sense of ease to the space inviting customers to take the time to browse and enjoy the shopping experience. Offering visitors something different from the typical retail layout can also expand your in-store experience.

Have you thought about how important your store layout really is? Taking the time to hone in on the environment you want to create within your space and plan accordingly can set you up for success early on in business.

Storepro takes every aspect of your store layout into consideration during the design process and can partner with your designers and architects during the initial design phase, as well as implementing the build with everything you’ll need for a thriving store.

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