Convenience is key: Hospitality fit outs for takeaway

Hospitality spaces don’t have to be large in order to be successful, it’s all a matter of how you utilise the space with your fit-out. Double Mac Espresso, a micro cafe in Sydney is the perfect example of this. With the title of the smallest cafe in the city, this space measures at 1.5 metres by 2 metres while maintaining a fully functional business, offering coffee and sandwiches. The functionality is thanks to a thoughtful fit out process that has kept customer convenience in mind.

There are a range of hospitality fit-out elements that businesses can incorporate to offer their customers a memorable and easy takeaway experience without the hefty price tag, no matter the size of their space.

Glass display cabinet
First impressions count. A display cabinet is likely to be the first thing customers view when approaching the counter. Making sure it keeps food fresh and well presented is essential in implementing takeaway sales, people purchase with their senses after all- this is known as sensory marketing. Having a clear display cabinet allows customers in line to easily view the food on display while keeping it sanitary and fresh.

Designated order and pick up areas
Eliminate the congregation of customers in walk through areas by clearly presenting signage at order and pick up locations. This is not only a low cost option to solving a common cafe problem, but will make it easier for arriving customers to see who has already ordered and create a seamless process for customers and staff.

Clear menu displays
Utilising large boards to create a clear menu display is a way to incorporate a unique design element while also being a practical option to present a venue’s offering. It’s always an easier process when customers know exactly what they want when it’s their turn to order. Businesses can support this by having their menu clearly displayed on boards to be easily viewed at every location within the space, especially for those in line.

Ambiance and aesthetic are two factors that can determine the foot traffic within a hospitality space. The best establishments provide an appealing environment to customers encouraging them to return, this means installing the right lighting is significant in creating an enjoyable experience. Lighting plays a big impact in creating a positive atmosphere in hospitality spaces, a poorly lit room emits a feeling of gloom, making it essential to get this step right. Look into brightening up small areas with natural lighting or warm lights, offering a cosmetic and functional solution.

Attractive yet functional materials

Use recycled and natural materials to create visually pleasing yet functional joinery.
Having a smaller space doesn’t have to mean businesses don’t have the room for interior elements that make them stand out! Utilising recycled materials adds history to a space, while natural materials assist in bringing the outside in, contributing to the overall feel of the space. Including these materials is a low cost, sustainable solution to adding one of a kind elements, making the customers experience one to remember.

The amount of revenue takeaway food and beverages brings to a cafe or restaurant can be surprising. If you’re looking for more ways to expand your business get in contact with Storepro to discuss fit out, joinery or minor work options. Transform your space into one that generates a well rounded customer experience that keeps people coming back for more.

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