Functional fit out options that transform hospitality spaces

The Movement Cafe, London

The world is changing and so is the future of business. By 2023 the Australian hospitality industry is expected to be worth $108 billion. To support this growth, business owners must think innovatively about their space and design their venues with customer convenience in mind. During the fit-out design process, there are elements business owners can include in order to make their space more flexible and convenient for their customers. 
Offer customers something other spaces can’t, set your space apart from your competitors and give visitors a reason to return by transforming the facade of the business in a way that makes your space flow and operate easier, opting for functionality that compliments design.

Set up a servery window for outside ordering and grab & go.

Customers don’t need to physically enter your venue for you to generate sales. Set up an easily accessible window makes takeaway easier than ever. Adding a large feature window to the front of a venue can add a unique charm and completely open up a space. The window can also serve as a second register when times get busy or even a designated coffee counter, attracting those passing by who are after a quick caffeine fix.

Adding in an external feature such as this can make a venue stand out from all others on the street, allowing business owners to have something one of a kind, designed and built just for them.

If unique and Instagram worthy hospitality fit-outs spark your interest, Storepro offers a range of fit-out options whether you’re tackling a whole space or just need minor works completed. With experience completing hundreds of smaller builds including intimate dining venues and coffee stands, the simplicity of minor works means a streamlined process with a shorter time frame, minimal costs and less stress for you.

Implement an online ordering system with a designated pick up area.

Offering online ordering along with a designated pick up area makes the customers experience with you seamless. It broadens your customer base by offering quick and easy service to those who are in a rush or don’t want to stand in line. This integration also saves you and your staff time on inputting orders and payments, meaning you can spend more time on getting orders out, giving visitors another reason to return.

To make the pick up process even easier, add a build in pick up location. Visitors will know exactly where to grab their orders from and can pop in and out without a care. Having a pick up counter is also practical yet attractive way to mitigate the blockage of walk through areas by creating a space for those waiting.

Storepro offers fit out and joinery services that can easily be added to enhance an existing space or completely transform an old one. Each aspect of a fit outs design can be tailored to your space and style, creating a well-rounded experience customers will want to come too.

Bean Coffee Roasters, California

Change the hospitality game with a pop-up restaurant or cafe.

Attracting people’s attention to a location boosts customer awareness and engagement, even if they’re only walking by. Having a pop up out the front of a store can keep your brand in your customers’ minds and allow them to engage with your space and team without even stepping foot inside. Pop-ups are also a cost-effective way to keep businesses trading when they don’t have access to a brick and mortar store.

Storepro offers pop up design and construction that draws in and engages customers. Why not look into having a custom move-able set up built for long term use anywhere? Our joinery team in Australia work to the highest standards to get projects completed inline with small business budgets, timelines and guidelines.

At Storepro we have years of experience under our belts and can help you predetermine essential build inclusions so that your business can thrive well into the future. Want to know more about the effective solutions you can implement in order to get the most out of your space? Contact us at Storepro to discuss fit-out enhancement options.

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