De-fits and demolition that won’t cost the Earth

In 2017, the construction industry accumulated a massive 20.4 million tons of waste from construction and demolition works. This waste included bricks, concrete, metal, timber, plasterboard, asphalt, rock and soil. If you’re aware of the impacts your de-fit or demolition project may have on the environment but aren’t sure how to tackle the issue in an economical and respectful way, Storepro’s sustainable de-fit and demolition services are for you!

While we love to design and build one of a kind spaces that make a memorable impact, we’re also aware of the negative impact construction and demolition waste can have on the environment, not to mention the hip pocket. In fact, a great portion of the landfill that occurs as a result of de-fits and demolition can actually be salvaged, recycled or reused.

To play our part in minimising our footprint on the environment, Storepro offers sustainable solutions for your fit outs, de-fits and demolition projects. During the fit out build and procurement process we work with our clients to find the best options for them, in line with their values and goals. We also offer professional de-fit and demolition services that can be completed while keeping existing fit-out elements intact and without damaging any pieces you’d like to keep for your future space.

De-fit’s are typically required at the end of a lease when a brand is moving locations or at the start of a new lease, when a new tenant enters a shop. De-fits allow those moving to take fixtures and other built-in pieces of their space onto their new location. While also allowing shop owners to personalise the design and layout of their new location by removing the old.

As expert shopfitters, Storepro understands how a build is conducted. This works in our favour during the de-fit process allowing us to efficiently complete the removal of the previous fit-out without damaging the previous joinery and interior elements. Our expert de-fit services professionally and respectfully clear a space of its interior elements for future use.

Don’t be limited by the space you’re in! When moving into a new location you may require interior demolition services in order to make the area work for you and your purpose. Storepro offers commercial and retail demolition services to those wishing to personalise their floor plan or remove old construction and fixtures that impact the space.

We believe a blank canvas is the first step towards an award-winning fit out and take care of safely removing unwanted flooring, joinery, walls and other unnecessary structures, providing a clean slate for our bespoke fit-out services.  We look to reuse and recycle each material that we can, removing all salvageable elements before beginning any demolition. To ensure the safety of all involved, Storepro’s demolition processes are undertaken by fully qualified, highly experienced tradesmen that uphold the quality standards we’re known for.

Are you looking to sustainably and respectfully transform your retail, hospitality or corporate space to reflect you and your brand, and not the previous tenants?  With a focus on the project’s environmental impact, we’ll tailor our services to your needs, values and budget so that your transformation won’t cost the Earth. Contact us or find out more on our defit and demolition services.

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