The conscious consumers’ effect on fit out design

There’s no lack of stores, cafes or restaurants in Australia and we’re lucky enough to have access to just under 10,000 establishments in the cafe and coffee shop industry. From 2005 to 2020 Australians have been blessed with the opening of another 4,000 cafe’s and by 2021 there’s likely to be even more! As popularity grows the bar gets pushed higher and higher as business owners test the limits of their interior layout and design in an attempt to boost foot traffic and make themselves the next best space. But how far can looks take you? When there’s a cafe resembling nothing short of artwork on every corner, younger customers are now expecting to be told a story that tells them why your space stands out from the rest of the industry. 

Authenticity is becoming the backbone of many industries, especially as Australians become more aware of where they’re spending money and what causes they’re supporting. Millennials are more likely to purchase on a gut feeling meaning the retail and hospitality industry must make changes to the way they design their environment. Developing a unique concept that creates a mood that reflects the essence of your brand can feed your customers’ curiosity and make your place the top of their visit list.

Authentic stories and spaces create unforgettable experiences and convert customers into loyal brand ambassadors.”

Australian consumers are becoming more aware of when they are being marketed to and can see right through efforts with a false sense of caring- this is known as the rise of the conscious consumer.  This means that businesses that are honest, open and genuine are gaining public support. Customers are positively reacting to brands that offer a real human element so inject some of yourself into your fit out! There’s plenty of other places people can go if they want a generic environment. Let your fit-out tell a story by designing it in line with your values, why you created the business and what it aims to do.

John Anthony Restaurant, Hong Kong

True authenticity will be specific to the individual and their business, but there are fit out design elements that humans respond to that can make a space feel different- in a good way.
Ways to add authenticity:
Celebrate community: Make patrons feel immersed in your story and the meaning of the space. This can be done through shared seating, opening up spaces and utilising soft furnishings to generate a sense of familiarity.
Bring the outside in: Nature gives us life and many of us need to spend more time with it. Utilise biophilic design to bring nature to your customers, along with natural lighting that gives life to your space and those within it.
Utilise diverse materials: The type of materials you choose during the fit out process will determine the type of emotional response you illicit. Think about what elements depict the story you’re trying to tell. When we’re told “homely,” we think of soft furnishings, pillows, muted warm colours, rugs and natural materials like wood- these all come together to set the scene of comfortable, approachable and safe- something customers connect with.

Narrowing down the true authentic meaning behind your space can be hard, especially when you’re juggling the handful of stresses that come with running a business. Storepro can help by being a fresh set of eyes, looking into your brand to provide you with options that best reflect your messaging to attract all the right people.

Get in contact with us today to make your location stand out from the rest! Authenticity will never go out of style.

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