Incorporating brand values into Patagonia’s retail fit-out

A brand’s story, supported by its values, plays a vital part in the way it’s perceived by the public. The way you express brand values throughout your store impacts the atmosphere and the way customers feel when visiting your space. When your environment is genuinely you and effectively communicates your brand values, you’ll be attracting all the right customers that share these attitudes, Patagonia is a brand that has this tactic mastered.

Since the 1960’s Patagonia has evolved into a global leader, setting an example of corporate social responsibility worldwide, showing businesses that they can create high-quality products while supporting their community and staying true to their values. After many years of looking for the right site, their new location on Little Collins Street is Patagonia’s first Melbourne CBD flagship store.

Storepro worked with Patagonia offering design, joinery, warehousing and construction services to bring their new store to life. Our team worked on-site for 6 weeks to transform the 201m2 space in a location that expresses everything great about the clothing brand while highlighting Melbourne’s commitment to activism. 

Upon entering the store visitors are welcomed with Patagonia’s mission: ‘We’re in business to save our home planet’. This promise to environmental preservation has been woven into the entire operation through the use of recycled materials, re-purposed boating- yard timber and furniture upholstered in Patagonia’s organic fabric. Patagonia’s values are intertwined throughout the entire fit-out, truly reflecting everything positive the brand has to offer. Storepro worked closely with the Patagonia team to design and develop the store design and fixtures. This involved making prototypes of all the fixtures so they could be reviewed and tested prior to manufacture. Our joinery team worked cohesively with the client to ensure every detail was carefully thought through and executed.

The space has been innovatively designed to be a versatile location welcoming visitors for gatherings, film screenings, and talks, making it more than a store- a place for community and sharing. The store decor pays tribute to the anti-nuclear protests, blockades against logging in East Gippsland, and the recent School Strike 4 Climate. Through black and white photography collated along the back wall, this fit-out utilised decorative elements to communicate the brand’s support for activism and environmental groups.

All images: Jarrah Lynch


The existing shopfront was removed, which included the yoga studio next door in order to build a completely new shopfront that tied in with the heritage look of the facade. The Storepro team worked efficiently to get this done during the day on busy Little Collins Street. During the construction period, the team remained flexible with the needs of the surrounding tenants and their environments, liaising with the manager of the yoga studio upstairs in order to make sure they were completing noisy works outside of class times to minimise disruption.

Storepro is proud to have been able to work with a business that is leading the way for sustainability and corporate responsibility in retail. We offer a range of sustainable options during the fit-out process and can tailor each fit-out to every brand’s specific needs and values while keeping those in surrounding stores in mind.

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