Elevating KX Pilates studios through minor works

As brands begin to think about the next steps for their businesses, interior or exterior updates are a great option for getting people back in the front door and visiting your space.
Storepro was brought on board to assist KX Pilates with updating their 2 studios prior to reopening. The project goal was to refresh their spaces and get them ready for the return of classes. The KX Pilates studios located in Prahran and Geelong required a light refurbishment to renew the interior and in turn, elevate their class atmosphere.
The way you design your space, especially in the fitness and wellbeing sector, can affect the mindset of those within the space, and in this case, the quality of the workout. Each KX Pilates space feels clean, airy and modern, with just enough of a personal touch to keep participants motivated.

This project included removing and disposing of old signage, installing electrical points for new lighting, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and adding interior decor to revive the space into a reinvigorated and welcoming location.

The KX pilates philosophy is “work smarter not longer” and this is exactly what Storepro have and the KX team have achieved with this minor update. By enhancing small elements of each location, we have been able to renew the studios without exceeding the budget. Minor works are the perfect way to enhance your space, without breaking the bank!

The chosen minimalist decor supports the feeling of wellbeing within the classes KX Pilates offers while incorporating visual elements that add interest without creating any distractions from the exercise itself.

“Thanks all for your efforts over the past couple of weeks to bring together our two light refurbs – they both look incredible and all staff involved have loved the freshening combined with the signage and plants.”– Jamie (KX Pilates Project Manager)

Storepro is proud to be able to support businesses such as KX Pilates and revitalise spaces, to get customers in and enjoying themselves again once doors re-open. If you’re looking for a way to set your business apart from its competitors, minor works might be the best thing for you! Contact us at Storepro to explore your options.

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