Denim with a difference: Levi’s Highpoint Fitout

‍With the market value of denim fabric expected to grow to 105 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, blue denim jeans are a staple piece in every closet. Levi’s is one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel companies. As a global leader in denim they’ve been innovating for the future, making jeans that last a lifetime since 1873 when they patented the world’s first blue jeans.

The Levi Strauss & Co brand employs over 14,000 worldwide, making a partnership with independent manufacturers in 30 countries that add another 300,000 workers to the mix. While dominating the denim industry they’ve also woven sustainability into their brand and workplaces, adopting new processes to limit pollution, energy and water waste and setting themselves global sustainability goals.

While the brand has managed to remain agile during its lifetime, adopting new methods and ways of working to remain an industry leader, it’s only fitting that their stores are designed and built to last the years and changing retail landscape as well.

Enter the new Levi’s store at Highpoint Shopping Centre…

Storepro partnered with Levi’s to create a full retail fitout inclusive of our joinery and construction services to bring their vision of the new Highpoint store to life. During this 4 week fitout process, Storepro worked closely with the client at every stage to ensure their operational goals would be reached, while ensuring that the store elevated the historic Levi’s brand experience.

In an effort to minimise waste in their full shop fitout, the client requested to keep the existing shopfront. It was decided that the existing entrance would be clad over it in hot rolled steel and render, making up a major design element of the store, allowing it to stand out to passersby and attract foot traffic.

Along with the refreshed shopfront, the store boasts unique ply cladding, steel posts and custom steel frames with timber accents and flattering strip lighting in the fitting rooms to help customers feel comfortable in their jeans.

The light timber and contrasting black metal adds an industrial yet minimalistic feel to the space while supporting the Levi’s brand value of sustainability and minimising waste through utilising natural materials.

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to transform this space for a leading brand in retail, whose methodologies and innovations have set the scene for emerging brands in the industry for almost 50 years!

Looking to make your mark in the retail landscape? Storepro can provide your brand with a full turn-key fitout that exceeds the expectations of you and your customers.

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